Sell your Soul to Princess

Femdom Witchcraft

Multiple slaves have been stepping up to sell their souls to Princess Shimmy by signing My 100% real Femdom Black Magick “Sell your Soul Pact.”

Even more amusing to Me is the sheer amount of slave’s who couldn’t resist buying the pact and pussying out and not going through with it!  Too scary huh slaves?  This type of thing is a slavery GAME CHANGER.

Sell Your Soul – Princess Pact

Are you ready to make the ULTIMATE sacrifice for Princess Shimmy?
I’m taking you deeper into the darkness than you ever imagined. Follow the ritual instructions and sign the enclosed Black Magick pact to cement your fate as Mine, for the rest of Eternity! Once your soul belongs to Me, I’m free to do with it whatever I please, so just know there is absolutely no going back from this once it’s done! This is NOT a game boys, make sure you’re very serious about relinquishing control over your most precious possession… your immortal SOUL!

This PTV contains 2 worship pics, Ritual Instructions AND the Pact which you will print out!

WARNING! This is a real Black Magick ritual which will cause the permanent loss of your soul.  This pact cannot be broken under any circumstances.


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