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My name is Demoness Princess Shimmy and I am a High Priestess of the Black Arts and an Occult Findom Princess.
I created Femdom Witchcraft & Occult Femdom as a way to merge My passion for the esoteric mysteries with domination.  I love pushing the envelope and creating things that have never been seen anywhere in the Femdom world.  I’m channeling divine inspiration directly from the Spirits and bringing it here to Malkuth in order to expand My dominion over this plane.

In terms of spirituality, I am My own master and don’t believe in bowing to some other “God.”  I believe there is no greater God than Myself and that what which I am becoming through the process of Spiritual Illumination and Self Deification.

So where do you fit into all of this?

You are My spiritual target practice.

You are nothing but a tool and a stepping stone for Me.  A spiritual servitor that exists to further My agenda.  I bind you to My Will using Black Magick and employ whatever forces I deem necessary to get what I want.  I intend to perfect My skills as a Sorceress and what better way to do that than with you?

In My Magickal background I have experience with Chaos Magick, Hoodoo, Candle Spells, Astral Projection, Evocation, Sigil Magick, Black Magick, Curses and more.

To Know.  To Will.  To Dare.  To Keep Silent.

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